Dr. Kim McNair has been bringing men/women together across the Southeast for workshops, summits, and conferences for the purpose

of empowering and inspiring them to elevate their personal brands, businesses and organizations.  Dr. Kim’s personal trials and triumphs led to the establishment of the Business Women Empowerment Project, Inc. (B.W.E.P.), a  nonprofit organization whose mission is to share access to resources that uplift women professionally and personally.

In 2015 she launched a NEW TV Show in Atlanta, GA called “WOMEN ON THE MOVE LIVE! Which Brings the energy and inspiration of the impactful Women on the Move events to a broader audience on the AIB 
Network and ION Television and WATCTV Atlanta 57.  Her guest are women who are pacesetters in a variety of industries, businesses and careers who come together for an intimate and interactive discussion of the challenges and successes that have shaped their lives.


January 2018 kicked of Season Four for this broadcast. www.womenonthemovetv.com. Giving back to the community has always been big with Kim; in 2018 she started a youth group for teenage girls called “TEEN GIRLS ROCK” they have done several activities to help the girls build self-esteem. www.mcnairproductions.com

Kim McNair Bio

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