A Business Women Empowerment Project: 

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

The Annual Women on the Move Summit-Brings the energy 

and inspiration to impactful Women on the Move.  We come

together for one day to expand our business practices and

to increase our knowledge and wisdom to do business

effectively and successfully. 


The attendees are the pacesetters in a variety of industries, 

businesses and careers who come together for an intimate 

and interactive discussion of the challenges and successes 

that have shaped their lives and their businesses.

Our 2019 Summit had the first ALL MALE panel

discussion covering topics like "How To Navigate  Doing 

Business with Men", "Women In Charge" and #METOO.


This year's summit will focus on Business Development, Leadership Skills,   to Maintain your Position and Stay on TOP, Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Strategies. 

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